About Us

Since being established in 2015, Gold Lion’s mission has been to provide quality wraps that exceed the expectations of our customers. Gold Lion Premium Wraps are superior in quality, hand-selected, 100% natural, and guaranteed fresh. Our wraps are pre-cut and have nothing inside; allowing our customers to roll-up without any hassles, immediately after pulling a Lion out the pack. We have regular (2×4 in.) and XL (4×6 in.) sizes. Unlike machine-made cigars, Gold Lion Premium Wraps are 100% natural with no chemicals, preservatives or additives. Our wraps are incredibly smooth, fresh and slow burning.

Gold Lion offers fronto leaf wraps for our customers who prefer to smoke their herb in a tobacco leaf wrap. Our fronto wraps come in our Original and Green. The Original has a traditional, yet distinctive, flavor, allowing our customers to enjoy the taste of their favorite herbs. The Green contains a light and mild flavor, with an extremely thin body that’s durable enough to roll; the thin body allows for maximum taste and enjoyment of your favorite herbs.

Our Hemp Wraps are designed for our customers who prefer a tobacco-free smoking experience. Gold Lion Hemp Wraps are made from 100% organic hemp. Our hemp wraps are free from GMOs, chlorine, and other additives to provide an even, slow burning wrap. Gold Lion Premium Wraps are synonymous with excellence, quality, and freshness. We GUARANTEE our brand and stand behind it, and trust us, you’ll love the experience.

Customers Reviews

Frankie B

Really enjoyed the Lions, was a little skeptical at first cause I’m used to cutting my own leaf but the pre-cut wraps smoked good and I was able to roll once I opened them up.

Aslyne S

Received a free sample of the Gold Lion Hemp Wraps, slow burning, soft and easy to roll. I normally like flavors but these were so smooth that I didn’t mind. Will definitely start purchasing, especially if they get flavors.

Kyle C

You gotta try these Gold Lions, new kid on the block but they got potential to go far. I put them up against anything out on the market now.

Tammy T

I love the fact that I can taste the herbs, these are a great alternative to blunt wraps; 100% natural and nothing to dump out “No Guts, All Glory” LOL.

Alonzo D

The Green didn’t disappoint, light, easy to roll, and I could taste the Blue Cookie. If you a real smoker go with the Green.