Frequently Asked Questions
Curious about what makes Gold Lion Premium Wraps different and why you should make the change. Many of our customers started out with the exact same questions. So we put together a list of our most frequently asked customer questions.

Q. What are Gold Lions made of?

A. Gold Lion Leaf Wraps are made from hand selected premium fronto leaves. Gold Lion Hemp Wraps are made from 100% organic hemp.

Q. What’s the difference between Gold Lion Wraps and other machine made cigars that I’m used to smoking.

A. Machine made cigars contain many additives, chemicals, and toxic adhesives. Gold Lions Wraps are 100% natural and do not contain any additives. Gold Lion Hemp Wraps provide an alternative to tobacco based smoking and are made from 100% organic hemp. There’s also the benefit of not having to dump any tobacco out of our wraps. Gold Lions are ready to roll right of the pack.

Q. Where do Gold Lion leaves come from?

A. Our leaves are grown in US farms, they are 100% natural and we take pride in providing our customers with quality products to enhance their smoking experience.

Q. How much herbs can you put in a Gold Lion Wrap.

A. Lions are 2X4 inches and can comfortably hold 3 grams of herbs.